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Nursery and Preschools

Ravenscroft Nursery School

Ravenscroft Ave, Belfast BT5 5BA, UK – 028 9047 1684

Both sons attended Ravenscroft and took their first steps into education, social ability and guided fun. Whilst five years apart, the ambience of the nursery remained. The fears of every parent are soon dispelled as reassurance for the children and parents is highly promoted. The urge to hide behind 'mummmy' soon is diminished as welcoming staff relax all and with bright surroundings, toys a plenty and freedom to roam and learn, at this point parents reminisce about youth and realise that memories are created within the walls of the nursery. Staff accept all children and acknowledge that they are individual with a unique personality which is allowed to develop, correctly and not according to the beliefs of an out-dated manual. Everything is right, the interior, the exterior, the location and most importantly the attitude. Memories are made and my two boys are strong, mannered and free-thinking, thanks to the excellent staff of Ravenscroft and magic their formula. Thank you Ravenscroft 😁

Our son was pupil there. Nice and clean place.

Kings Road Nursery School

Melfort Dr, Belfast BT5 7FD, UK – 028 9048 3991

This place is ok but by far not the best

Rascals Day Nursery

121A Circular Rd, Belfast BT4 2GE, UK – 028 9076 1333

Wow - such a nice place to start, credits to the founders and staff at Rascals,

Great staff in a nice location!

Primary and Secondary Schools

Ashfield Boys High School

Holywood Rd, Belfast BT4 2LY, UK – 028 9065 6812

I did my time and I suffered from the experience, it felt like hell and yet I made it. The mind of a 11 year old boy may find the place intimidating and in a way horrifying, but with the right friends and a few supporting teachers this place can feel like home which is never too far away from your heart. This place isn't perfect, but then again where is? I have seen geniuses come through these hallow grounds and become special in their adult years, yes all things are possible with hard work and within these grounds, hard work will be put into practice with the teachers who will give you their all. There are many things in life which can't be taught from reading a book or surfing the web, but the 5+ years spent in this asylum will give you the biggest preparation of all of life's struggles.

Great pitches very friendly

Cregagh Primary School

Mount Merrion Ave, Belfast BT6 0FL, UK – 028 9040 1246

It's been 2 years since I left but I still miss itπŸ˜„- Joshua Moohan

Lisnasharragh Primary School

Tudor Dr, Castlereagh, Belfast BT6 9LS, UK – 028 9040 1211

Big school with all facilities. Very Friendly staff, teachers and principal.

Best school ever! Miss it so much

Public & Preparatory Schools

Park School Outreach Service

145 Ravenhill Rd, Belfast BT6 8GH, UK – 028 9045 0513

Mitchell House School

Marmont Park, Belfast BT4 2GT, UK – 028 9076 8407